I intend to be an owner of HPTDC Privilege Card. My particulars are as under :-

Terms and Conditions

1. This Privilege card will be valid for 2 years and Membership fee will be
Rs.4000/- (Rupees four thousand only).

2. Privilege card holder will be entitled to following discounts :-
(i) 20% discount will be applicable on Prime Time accommodation tariff (Season
Period). However no discount will be applicable during Leisure time period (Off
season) on Leisure time accommodation tariff, as the same has been fixed on
discounted rates as notified by Corporate office.
Note: The period of Prime time accommodation tariff shall be 1st April to 30th
June, 15th September to 15th November and 23rd December to 2nd January.
The period of Leisure time accommodation tariff shall be 1st July to 14th
September, 16th November to 22nd December and 3rd January to 31st March.

(ii) 20% discount will be applicable on food & non alcoholic beverages and 10%
discount will be applicable on alcoholic beverages. This discount shall be
applicable during both Prime Time and Leisure Time.

(iii) Only one discount will be applicable at a time.

3. Following Point system will be applicable for Privilege Card Holder :-

(i) A card holder will earn 1 point on every 1500/- spent and on earning 150 Points,
the card holder will be entitled for 2 nights/3 days free lodging in any of HPTDC
Hotels and will avail the same within a period of two years. However, the card
holder will inform the Corporate Office that he has earned 150 points and submit
copies of bills/cash memo etc. thereof.
(ii) A privilege card holder shall be entitled to avail Regular/Deluxe Room on account
of earning of the above requisite points.

4. In case of marriage party/banquet party/special packages and other parties, no
discount on Privilege card will be admissible/applicable.

5. In case of loss of privilege card, the card holder must report to the issuing
authority of HPTDC. Duplicate card shall be issued at a charge of Rs.500/-
(Rupees five hundred only).

6. Privilege card holder does not confer any other rights/privileges, except discounts
as stated in Para-2 above.

7. Membership fee Rs.4000/- (Rupees four thousand only) is valid for 2 years in the
first instance. Card has to be renewed thereafter, after paying renewal fee of
Rs.1500/- (Rupees one thousand five hundred only) within 7 days after the date of
expiry of the card failing which the card issued shall stand cancelled and the card
holder will have to apply for new privilege card.

8. GST @ 18% is payable extra on charges for fresh membership and renewal.

8. This card shall not be transferable to any other person. Only the card holder will
be entitled to avail the discount.

9. Two recent passport size coloured photographs to be enclosed with application

10. Privilege card is only for personal use only. Do not hand it over to anybody other
than designated officers of the Corporation.

11. Do intimate us promptly for any changes in your particulars recorded with us, like
change in address or telephone number.

12. This privilege card is valid in all units of Himachal Tourism Development
corporation Limited.

13. Discount will be allowed for maximum of 2 rooms for 4-6 person at a time.

14. Any dispute arising from the offer of privilege card shall be subject to the
jurisdiction of courts of Shimla only.