1. The Palace, Chail
Contact person: Sh. Vipin Jishtu, Manager
Mobile: 88949-46683, Landline: 01792-248141-43
Email: palace@hptdc.in

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4. Hotel T-Bud, Palampur
Contact person: Sh. Hansraj, Sr. Manager
Mobile: 94180-02269, Landline: 01894-231298
Email: palampur@hptdc.in
2. Hotel Pinewood, Barog
Contact person: Sh. Sandeep Thakur, Sr. Manager
Mobile: 70447-74452, Landline: 01792-238825-27
Email: pinewood@hptdc.in
5. Hotel Shiwalik, Parwanoo
Contact person: Sh. Lalit Kumar, Manager
Mobile: 94180-50262, Landline: 01792-232295-96
Email: shiwalik@hptdc.in

3. Hotel Apple Blossom, Fagu
Contact person: Sh. Devki Nand, Manager
Mobile: 94180-01502, Landline: 01783-239469
Email: fagu@hptdc.in
6. Hotel Hatu, Narkanda
Contact person: Sh. Harshwardhan Sen, Manager
Mobile: 88944-84670, Landline: 01782-242430
Email: hatu@hptdc.in
For detailed information on wedding queries, please contact our Marketing Office, Shimla at: 0177-2658302/ 2652561 or through Email at: shimla@hptdc.in