Expression of interest  from interested Architects/ Architect Firms for preparation of DPR, drawings and estimates alongwith survey and contouring of proposed land for Spiritual Circuit under Swadesh Circuit Scheme.

Tender for Supplying, Erection, Testing & Commissioning of  8 Passenger lift at Hotel Ros Common (Dak Bunglow) Kasauli Distt. Solan (H.P.). Due on 19.8.2019

Tenders for sale/auction of four Volvo buses. Due on 26.08.2019.

Tenders for Special repair to the Hotel Lake View Bilsapur (H.P.) Sub Head : Painting work of CGI sheet roofing and improvement of front parking area at Bilaspur (H.P.) . Due on 17.8.2019

Tenders for Leasing out of various Shops/Spaces in the premises of Hotel Kunzam, Manali. Due on 22.08.2019

Tenders for Leasing out of various Shops/Spaces in the premises of Club House, Manali. Due on 22.08.2019 



Shortlisting/ Contract Award Information IDIPT-HP, Project 1 & 3 (ADB Loan 2676 & 3223-IND):

Shortlist – CMP-01R, Comprehensive Mobility Plan for Naina Devi, Chintpurni and Kangra Towns (HP/IDIPT/CMP/01-R)

Shortlist – CBT-03R, Community Based Tourism at Pragpur and Kangra Clusters (HP/IDIPT/CBT/03-R)

Shortlist – CBT-04R, Community Based Tourism at Chintpurni Cluster (HP/IDIPT/CBT/04-R)

Consultancy Contract Award Information – Community Based Tourism Activities including Skill Development, Training, etc. in Pragpur and Kangra Clusters at Kangra District (HP/IDIPT/CBT/03-R)

Shortlisted Consulting Firms – Loan No. 2676-IND, IDIPT-HP, Tranche 1 – Community Based Tourism Activities in Villages, including Skill Development, Training, etc. in Nagrota Suriyan Cluster at Kangra District (HP/IDIPT/CBT/01-R)

Contract Award Information – Conserving Prominent Temple Precincts and Upgrading Urban Infrastructure for Tourism in Dharamshala and Mcleodganj

Contract Award Information – Eco-Tourism Park at Naldehra, Shimla

Contract Award Information – Rejuvenation of the Markandeya Temple Precinct and Provision of Visitor Facilities, Bilaspur

Contract Award Information – Restoration and beautification of Ancient temples and Surrounding areas at Rampur Bushair, Shimla

Contract Award Information – Restoration and Improvement of Chamunda Temple and Bajreshwari Temple Precinct and Creation of Cultural Centre for Traditional Crafts and Arts at Nagrota Bagwan, Kangra

Contract Award Information – Creation of Tourist Cultural Centre, Janjehli, District Mandi