Tenders for Renovation of roof at hotel Champak at Chamba (HP), Providing and fixing interlocking pavers flooring at the entrance of Himachal Bhawan, Chandigarh (UT), Providing internal E.I. work in multi purpose hall at Touni Devi Temple District Hamirpur (HP) and Providing internal E.I. work in wayside amenities at Bhuntar Distt. Kullu (HP). Due on 30.01.2018

Tenders for Providing and laying cobble stone flooring on parking (in front of entrance porch) The chail Palace at Chail Distt. Solan (HP) and Providing Internal E.I. work in proposed extension in building of HIPA Office at Mashobra Distt. Shimla. Due on 29.01.2018

Tender for Supplying, erection, testing and commissioning of lift in the HIPA Mashobra. Due on 29.01.2018



No.Project Title / Package No.Invitation For Bids (IFB)Bid Documents / AmendmentsRemarks
1Conservation/ Restoration and Rehabilitation of Bantony Castle in Heritage Zone, Shimla (HPTDB/16/6)IDIPT-HP/P3/NCB/2017-18/02Bid Document : Part-1

Bid Document : Part-2

Bid Document : Part-3

Bid Document : Part-4

Bid Document : Part-5
Bid Security: INR 46.5 Lakhs

Period of Completion: 24 months

Pre-bid Meeting: 24 Jan 2018; 11:00 hrs

Bid Submission: 12 Feb 2017; 15:00 hrs

For detailed evaluation criteria, please check Section 3 & 4 of bidding documents.

NOTE:Bidders are requested to check the website for any amendments in the bid documents before the submission date for each project


Shortlisting/ Contract Award Information IDIPT-HP, Project 1 & 3 (ADB Loan 2676 & 3223-IND):

Shortlist – CMP-01R, Comprehensive Mobility Plan for Naina Devi, Chintpurni and Kangra Towns (HP/IDIPT/CMP/01-R)

Shortlist – CBT-03R, Community Based Tourism at Pragpur and Kangra Clusters (HP/IDIPT/CBT/03-R)

Shortlist – CBT-04R, Community Based Tourism at Chintpurni Cluster (HP/IDIPT/CBT/04-R)

Consultancy Contract Award Information – Community Based Tourism Activities including Skill Development, Training, etc. in Pragpur and Kangra Clusters at Kangra District (HP/IDIPT/CBT/03-R)

Shortlisted Consulting Firms – Loan No. 2676-IND, IDIPT-HP, Tranche 1 – Community Based Tourism Activities in Villages, including Skill Development, Training, etc. in Nagrota Suriyan Cluster at Kangra District (HP/IDIPT/CBT/01-R)

Contract Award Information – Conserving Prominent Temple Precincts and Upgrading Urban Infrastructure for Tourism in Dharamshala and Mcleodganj

Contract Award Information – Eco-Tourism Park at Naldehra, Shimla

Contract Award Information – Rejuvenation of the Markandeya Temple Precinct and Provision of Visitor Facilities, Bilaspur

Contract Award Information – Restoration and beautification of Ancient temples and Surrounding areas at Rampur Bushair, Shimla

Contract Award Information – Restoration and Improvement of Chamunda Temple and Bajreshwari Temple Precinct and Creation of Cultural Centre for Traditional Crafts and Arts at Nagrota Bagwan, Kangra