(Above Sea Level)
3400 M
PLACES TO BE VISITEDNarkanda - Hatu Mata Temple
ABOUT TREKThe Hatu Peak is the highest peak in the entire Shimla district, located in Narkanda. Surrounded by majestic mountains and covered in a dense green blanket of sky touching cedar and fir, Hatu Peak may just be paradise on earth. The forest is a mixed one, comprising a varied population of deodar, fir, spruce, cedar and blue pine; but is mostly renowned for its colourful apple orchards. The Hatu Mata Temple rests atop the hill on Hatu Peak and holds great religious significance to the locals. The temple is dedicated to Mandodari, the wife of King Ravana. Rewarding its visitor with a view of the lush green alpine that sweeps across the landscape, Hatu Peak stands tall and strong as it decorates every square inch of the peak.

Adding to the peak's historical and cultural significance is a small stove like formation that sits right next to the temple, which is believed to have been used by the Pandava brothers for cooking their food during the Agyaat Vaas! Such a rich landscape and stunning view are bound to invite the lovers of the green, and hence, Hatu Peak is a very popular trekking spot for many. The trek is not very rigorous and is a one-way hike of 7 km to the peak. One can also go camping in Hatu Peak and enjoy under the stars in the tent.

Offering a spectacular view of nature's wondrous creations and housing points of religious and historical importance, the Hatu Peak is an all-in-one destination for anyone looking for a spiritual experience, an adventure packed excursion or some peaceful quality time to spend with friends and family.